State Vaccine Laws

Below are graphs and charts with the current status of Mandatory Vaccine laws in the United States. I will try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.  It is deemed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Contact me with corrections! – Current update September 9, 2015. (Information pulled from & websites)

Vaccine Laws by State


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State School and Childcare Vaccination Laws – CDC

State vaccination laws include vaccination requirements for children in public and private schools and daycare settings; college/university students; and healthcare workers and patients in certain facilities. State laws also determine whether providing vaccinations to patients is within the scope of practice of certain healthcare professionals. The Public Health Law Program provides selected resources for public health practitioners and their legal counsel on state vaccination laws.

CDC – School Vaccine Laws PDF

The Public Health Law Program is collecting state statutes and regulations regarding school vaccinations. This document summarizes select state vaccination laws collected to date. This document is in draft form and might not be complete for all states.

This document will be updated; to update relevant immunization laws from your state, please email Aila Hoss at

Polar Graph on State School Vaccination Exemptions Law

State law not only establishes exemptions for school vaccination requirements, but also establishes requirements regarding the exemption application process and the implications of an exemption in the event of an outbreak. This graph highlights nine attributes in school vaccination exemption laws.



State Mandatory Vaccines for
Public School
Mandatory Vaccines
for Private School
Alabama Yes Yes No Yes  Yes
Alaska Yes Yes No Yes  Yes
Arizona Yes Yes Yes** Yes Yes
Arkansas Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
California Yes Yes No No Yes
Colorado  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connecticut Yes Yes  No Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Florida Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Georgia Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
 Hawaii Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Idaho Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Illinois Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Indiana  Yes Unclear  No Yes  Yes
Iowa  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Kansas  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Kentucky  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Louisiana  Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Maine  Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Maryland  Yes Yes No Yes  Yes
Massachusetts  Yes Yes No Yes  Yes
Michigan  Yes Unclear Yes Yes  Yes
Minnesota  Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Mississippi  Yes Yes  No No  Yes
Missouri  Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Montana  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Nebraska  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Nevada  Yes Yes  No Yes Yes
New Hampshire  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
New Jersey  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
New Mexico  Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
New York Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
North Dakota Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Ohio Yes Unclear  Yes Yes  Yes
Oklahoma Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Oregon Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Rhode Island Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
South Dakota Yes Unclear  No Yes  Yes
Tennessee Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Texas Yes Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Utah Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Vermont Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Virginia Yes Yes  No Yes  Yes
Washington Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes
West Virginia Yes Yes No No Yes
Wisconsin  Yes Yes  Yes Yes  Yes
Wyoming  Yes Yes No Yes  Yes

*Most Medical Exemptions require a doctors’ authorization.

** In Arizona, the personal exemption is for school enrollees. In Missouri, it is for childcare enrollees only.