It’s interesting how a discussion about vaccination can quickly become heated and sometimes even hostile. Would the same debate rage over an antibiotic or an antihypertensive medicine if there was evidence the drug was causing harm? When it becomes obvious that thousands have been injured by a drug such as Vioxx, it is removed from the market. We stop the use of drugs until they are proven safe. And we sue. Not so with vaccines. Vaccines are promoted with fanfare until they are statistically proven to cause harm to a large number of persons. The thousands of individuals who suffer from vaccine reactions in proportionRead More →

A storm is gathering today in our brave new world. It’s as though we’re being forced to draw the line to a new threat – an assault on the blood of our children. This is not just a figure of speech. New vaccines are being invented every year, all with the same hope – to be included in the mandated Immunization Schedule. It’s very big money. Today we’re up to 68 vaccines mandated for use before a child is eighteen. But infant mortality rates and the health of our children are appalling. The incidence of both infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among Americans is skyrocketing.Read More →

Welcome to fall! It’s the time of year when the warmer weather gradually gives way to the cold, the trees put on a fantastic show of colours, and the flu clinics are in full force. You may have been at the receiving end of pressure from your friends and family to get the flu shot “for the good of the masses”. But if you find yourself asking “is the flu shot harmful to me?” or “does the flu shot actually work?” you’re not alone. But research has been done which can answer these questions for us. The Immune System Your immune system is made upRead More →