We are currently living in a very dangerous time. Political corruption and coercion are at an all time high. We must come together and fight their egregious vaccine mandates. The best way to do that is knowledge. God is ultimately in control and truth will prevail.

I have been fighting this battle against mandatory vaccines for 10 years. I will NOT ever stop. I will be posting important videos, articles and documents to the blog in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Feel free to share.

In addition I encourage you to follow my channel on Telegram – TruthTonic. It includes information about the jab as well as information about other forms of corruption being perpetrated on the American People.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

External Links

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines – NAMV.org Lawyers Opposed to SB277 National Vaccine Information Center  California Coalition for Vaccine Choice  Vaccine Impact  Vaccine Information Network  VacTruth Vaccine Rights      

Documents & Resources

Library of useful brochures and information. Feel free to share! Personal Beliefs Exemption to Required Immunzations – California – PDF National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – What you Need to Know – PDF Memes