Code of Conduct

To make sure that the forums are an enjoyable and informative place to be, please ensure that your posts agree with the following Community Guidelines and the Live Health Live Wise (LHLW) website Terms of Use.

  • Respect your fellow community members by not creating threads or posts that intimidate, bully or insult other people. Online harassment and griefing such as trolling, flaming, thread assassination, quote hacking, browser bombing, and impersonation is also prohibited. Trolling is deliberately posting provocative, negative or controversial messages to a thread or forum, with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument, or to make the troll the centre of attention. Trolls will quite often try to “bait” other forum members into breaking the rules or embarrasing themselves – don’t be trollbait; don’t feed the trolls!
  • To keep things friendly, the use of swearing and vulgar language is not permitted on the Sony Forums; this includes attempts to sidestep the automatic profanity filters and the use of slang acronyms that contain swear words.
  • Don’t post anything that could be perceived as discriminatory, gross or offensive; such as racist, sexist, pornographic, profane, vulgar, derogatory, hateful, or threatening content and “shock” images or websites.
  • Don’t use the forums to “name and shame” cheaters or start campaigns to get other community members evicted.
  • Spamming and flooding are not permitted, although high forum use is fine as long as you are sensible. Please also avoid double-posting and creating duplicate threads.
  • Do not post chain letters, solicitations, pyramid schemes and advertisements. If you wish to promote your own website, please restrict this to a discrete link in your forum signature rather than creating new topics just for the exposure.
  • Do not post messages that support or condone any illegal activities, such as drug use, piracy, hacks, warez etc.
  • Do not post anything that could be considered libelous or defamatory.
  • Do not post copyright material on thewebsite.
  • For your own safety when online, NEVER give out personal details such as your email, surname, postal address or phone number in the Forums, and keep other personally identifiable information private. LHLW Staff will never ask you for your password.
  • Our Moderators will remove large graphics that take ages to load or break the layout of the forums. To avoid your lovely images being edited out, please make sure that any images comply with the following:
  • Avatars should not be more than 30Kb (30,000 bytes) in size.
  • Your signature image should not be greater than 75Kb (75,000 bytes) in size.
  • Signature or post images should not be greater than 500 pixels wide.
  • If you want to post a picture that’s more than 500 pixels wide or has a hefty filesize, please LINK to it rather than embedding it into your post.

Please note that these rules apply to all images, text and links posted on the Live Healthy Live Wise Website and Forums. You can help us keep the Forum a friendly place by reporting abuse and spamming by sending an email to

If you break the rules of conduct, either intentionally or by accident, we will either edit or remove your post. Persistent or excessive misconduct may result in a temporary or even permanent suspension of your ability to post. And because these Rules can’t cover everything, we also reserve the right to remove any content or suspend your account without prior notice and at our discretion.